The development of this website is a joint effort between the Ground Water Protection Council (GPWC) and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC). This website has been developed, and will continue to be refined, based on the goals of a resolution passed at the 2010 GWPC Annual Forum and a Memorandum of Understanding between the GWPC and IOGCC (see below). The belief that the dissemination of information of the chemical constituents used in hydraulic fracturing is best made through the regulatory authority of the states has precipitated this effort. Through the organizations joint effort and in cooperation between the states and industry groups the design and testing of this site has been performed. The two main goals of this site are to provide a central warehousing site for all of industry to voluntarily provide chemical constituent data, used on a well-by-well basis, and provide education to the public on the processes and chemicals used to hydraulically fracture an oil and gas well.

GWPC Resolution

GWPC and IOGCC Memorandum of Understanding

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Ground Water Protection Council     Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission
The Ground Water Protection Council is a national association of state ground water and underground injection control agencies whose mission is to promote the protection and conservation of ground water resources for all beneficial uses, recognizing ground water as a critical component of the ecosystem.

The Ground Water Protection Council provides a forum for stakeholder communication and research in order to improve governments’ role in the protection and conservation of ground water.
    The Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission is a multi-state government agency that is passionate about advancing the quality of life for all Americans. However, without energy, the quality of life we enjoy today would not exist. That's why the Commission works to ensure our nation's oil and natural gas resources are conserved and maximized while protecting health, safety and the environment.

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